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How to use the Foxie Clock

Setting the time:

  1. Hold H button down for 1+ seconds to enter Set Time mode (The H button is the closest to the USB port)
  2. Digit colors will change and the seconds will stop counting
  3. Press H and M to set the correct Hours and Minutes
  4. Quietly wish that the mobile app to do this (and more) via Bluetooth was already done (sorry! can only wear so many hats at once).
  5. Hold H button down again for 1+ seconds to return to normal mode - the seconds will resume counting.

Changing the brightness

Press the B button to set the brightness. There are 8 levels, and the current brightness is remembered when powering off the clock.

Changing the color

The C button is typically used for changing the color of the digits, but its use depends on the animation mode the clock is currently using.

Animation modes:

Animation modes can be changed by pressing the M button while not in Set Time mode. The current animation mode number will be displayed after each button press.

  • ANIM_NONE (0): No animation, and pressing the C button will manually change the colors for all digits at once. The current color setting is saved when changed.
  • ANIM_GLOW (1): Similar to ANIM_NONE, except the digits briefly dim and glow every couple seconds. C button changes colors for all digits at once
  • ANIM_CYCLE_COLORS (2) DEFAULT: The colors will cycle across the digits as each second changes and the C button will not do much other than briefly flash a color.
  • ANIM_CYCLE_FLOW_LEFT (3): The color of the furthest right digit will cycle each second and as each digit rolls from 9 back to 0, that digit's color will be copied to the left.
  • ANIM_RAINBOW (4): All digits will continuously gently cycle colors while the clock is running.
  • ... more modes are coming!

Changing the animation mode will be possible via the mobile app within the coming months, and can also be manually set via the setup() function in firmware.ino and then re-upload the firmware.

Toggling between edge-lit and PXL mode

Hold the M button for at least 3 seconds to toggle. This is useful when you switch between the acrylic digit base and the PXL cover.

Sleep mode

Press the M button, then while holding M, press and release the B button. The digits will fade out and stay off until any button is pressed.


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