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This is the Foxie CardClock, an open-source GPLv3, ESP8266-powered, WiFi-enabled, RTC-havin', super-capacitor havin', analog+digital, RGB LED-laden, clock.
In other words, it's really cool. 

There are 2 rings of 12 LEDs at the top of the PCB, which are used as an analog clock displaying Hours, Minutes and Seconds. The Minutes and Seconds display with a 5 minute/second resolution. When the up button is pressed, the rings also show the available colors in a beautiful color wheel. A 17x5 LED matrix displays the time and allows for configuring settings. There's even a binary mode for the nerds among us.

A light sensor provides for a smooth experience in brighter and darker environments. Minimum and maximum brightness are also easily adjustable directly on the clock using the menu system.

The CardClock syncs NTP time once a minute from the WiFi connection. It also keeps track of time using the onboard Real-Time-Clock. Unplug your clock? No problem, the time isn't lost because the built-in super-capacitor will keep the RTC powered for over 2 days. The moment you plug it back in, the time is still there, and if on WiFi, will be NTP sync'd moments later. It's the little things, right?
Even better, as new features are added to the firmware, your firmware can update itself -- simply select UPDT from the menu.

There are also 4 buttons for up/down/left/right navigation, using a speedy and functional menu system directly on the clock -- simply press the right button.

Not on WiFi and want to set the time? Just press the left button to enter set time mode.

Change the color? Up button. Change display mode? Down button. 

You can even 3d-print your own case easily with nearly any 3d printer or easily modify the design -- all files are open sourced at

Free shipping in the USA!
Comes fully assembled.
- CardClock circuit board
- Dark Gray Acrylic Faceplate
- One 3d-printed case in selected color
- One USB-A to USB-C cable

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