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FOXIE CLOCK (in 3D printed case)


What is it?

A colorful, unique clock that looks great anywhere. It's Nixie-like, retro, RGB LED, and Arduino-powered. Capable of being either edge-lit or in PXL mode, it's always fun to look at and starts lots of conversations.

It's retro and modern. Easy to hack, even for a beginner coder. It has a look inspired by vintage audio equipment and classic displays. The Foxie Clock is a fun, colorful way to display the time at your desk, office, or anywhere. Brightness, color, animations, and time are all adjustable directly with 4 buttons on the back. The included PXL mode option also allows using the LEDs to light up in numeric shapes, by swapping between the two included case lids and holding the M button down any time for 3+ seconds.

It looks great on any desk or shelf, and doesn't take up much space, at less than ~7x3x3" (~180x80x80mm). 

All Foxie Clock orders in the USA include free shipping.

How was it created?

A guy by the surname of Fox worked for an amazing company that encourages personal projects every year. The project was to learn how to create a PCB, so he could homebrew an edge-lit acrylic clock similar to a "Nixie Clock." Due to #dadjokes, he combined his last name with Nixie and here we are, for better or worse.


  • Case: 171mm x 63mm x 19mm (6.75" x 2.5" x 0.75")
  • Each digit: 24mm x 60mm x 2.0mm (0.94" x 2.3" x 0.08")

All Foxie Clocks include:

  • Black 3D-printed case, with rubber feet and 4 bolts
  • One 2mm hex wrench
  • One laser-cut wood Digit Base for the acrylic digits
  • One laser-cut acrylic lid for PXL mode
  • One set of 3D-printed stands for using the clock in PXL mode
  • One 3' right-angle USB-C cable (yeah, really!)
  • 6 sets of acrylic laser-cut digits
  • Non-latex gloves (Helps keep acrylic digits clean during assembly)
  • 4 rubber feet for the bottom of the case

Swapping lids requires a 2mm wrench (included).

Normally, your Foxie Clock will come mostly assembled, requiring only peeling the acrylic protective film and inserting the digits into the digit lid. Firmware will already be loaded onto the clock, and it will be ready to plug into a USB port to light up your life. :)

If you enjoy soldering, use the SOLDERINGISFUN discount code to save $10. There is only a very small amount of soldering necessary to attach the buttons and SparkFun's RedBoard Nano to the PCB, after which the firmware is loaded using Arduino.

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Open source

All the source code and design files are completely available at:

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