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FOXIE CLOCK (in exotic wood case)


What is this thing?!

This is a hand-made wooden case version of the Foxie Clock you just met, made out of exotic wood(s). It looks great on any desk or shelf, and doesn't take up much space, at less than ~7x3x3" (~180x80x80mm). No two cases are exactly the same, each one carries imperfections, both from the woods and the person making them (grin). Every color seen on these cases comes directly from the natural wood itself -- no stain/dye is used.

Every case is made from ~1/8" (3.3mm) thick pieces of various exotic woods, such as Padauk, Leopardwood, and Wenge, laser cut to the correct dimensions, lovingly assembled, sanded, finished, and finally the Foxie Clock circuit board is added and bolted in (completely removable). The USB powered SparkFun RedBoard Nano protrudes from the bottom of the Foxie Clock PCB and is where the firmware lives that controls all the LEDs.

Visually, it functions similarly to a Nixie Clock (which can only be one color! :cry:), is full color and Arduino-powered. Capable of being either edge-lit or in PXL mode, it's fun to look at and starts tons of conversations! Every Wood Foxie Clock includes the PXL acrylic cover, allowing you to choose whether you prefer the retro PXL style or the sheer coolness of edge-lit digits.

Retro and modern. Easy to hack even for a beginner. A look inspired by vintage audio equipment and displays. A beautiful, hand-made clock at home anywhere.

How was it created?


  • Case: 171mm x 63mm x 19mm (6.75" x 2.5" x 0.75")
  • Each digit: 24mm x 60mm x 2.0mm (0.94" x 2.3" x 0.08")

All Wood Foxie Clocks include:

  • One hand-made 100% wood case made from your chosen type of wood (at checkout). Every case will be slightly different.
  • One Foxie Clock PCB and depending on kit/assembly choice, pre-soldered and installed in wood case
  • One 2mm hex wrench
  • One laser-cut wood Digit Base for the acrylic digits
  • One laser-cut dark grey acrylic cover for PXL mode (no 3d-printed stands)
  • One 3' right-angle USB-C cable
  • 4 rubber feet for the bottom of the case
  • 6 sets of acrylic laser-cut digits
  • Non-latex gloves (Helps keep acrylic digits clean while assembling)

Swapping lids requires a 2mm wrench (included).

Normally, your Foxie Clock will come mostly assembled, requiring only peeling the acrylic protective film and inserting the digits into the digit lid. Firmware will already be loaded onto the clock, and it will be ready to plug into a USB port to light up your life. :)

If you enjoy soldering, use the SOLDERINGISFUN discount code to save $10. There is only a very small amount of soldering necessary to attach the buttons and SparkFun's RedBoard Nano to the PCB, after which the firmware is loaded using Arduino.

Standard ground shipping to the USA is free, INCLUDED in the total.

You can be confident ordering from us -- as long as we have stock, we try to send out orders within 24 hours. We have many, many happy customers from the initial Tindie launch back in January 2020.

Will these woods always be the available options? No. The options are dependent upon what kind of wood we can acquire.


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